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CCFL sponsors 2011 Life Chain on Bloomington's east side

By Scott Tibbs, October 3, 2011

Christian Citizens for Life sponsored the fourth annual Life Chain on Bloomington's east side yesterday.

We had between 200 and 250 people at the chain, stretching from Clark Street to Rose Avenue. We got the usual reaction, with some people yelling in opposition (along with a few obscene gestures) to a number of "thumbs up and supportive waves. The crowd reaction was better this year than in years past, at least at the west end of the chain where I was standing.

It's important to have this witness each October, to make sure people do not forget about the injustice of abortion. Simply seeing that 200 people are willing to stand along Third Street and witness against abortion is encouraging.

See pictures from the 2011 Life Chain below. Also see reports on the 2010 Life Chain and 2008 Life Chain.