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2010 Life Chain draws 120 - 150 to protest abortion

By Scott Tibbs, October 7, 2010

Between 120 and 150 people gathered on October 3 for the Life Chain, which Christian Citizens for Life organized in cooperation with the National Life Chain. After a hiatus of over a decade, Bloomington saw the Life Chain tradition re-established in 2008.

The Life Chain stretched about a third of a mile for an hour on Sunday, from the edge of St. Charles Catholic Church to the Korean United Methodist Church. As I took my place on the east end of the chain, I was standing near the spot where neo-Nazi terrorist Benjamin Smith murdered Indiana University student Won Joon Yoon as he was heading into church on the Fourth of July.

As I watched traffic go by, I was struck by the irony. The Bloomington community came together to mourn the senseless murder with a memorial service that brought a cabinet member in the Clinton Administration to visit. It was truly a memorable event, and demonstrates the love and compassion this city is capable of showing.

A mile and a half away, we see the depths of cruelty humanity is capable of, as innocent unborn babies are killed by dismemberment for profit by the "doctor" at Planned Parenthood. The same community that stood against senseless brutality by a neo-Nazi terrorist at best turns a blind eye to several hundred murders each and every year. At worst, we actively support this slaughter through our elected officials on the City Council and the County Council and their shameful votes to subsidize a business built on the blood of innocents.

This cruelty needs to stop, and we should protect all innocent human life.